Monday, February 17, 2020

Class inequality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Class inequality - Essay Example To put the short story in context, the following statistic pertaining to academicians in Morocco raises a relevant point. Since 1981, average earnings for non-manual workers have increased by almost 40 per cent in Morocco; academicians earnings since then have increased by just one per cent, which means that their middle-class status is under threat, and theyre starting to wear a haunted, underclass look. But, as recent as the early 1970’s, things were looking much brighter for the middle classes. Back then it was believed that academic scholars are on a social parity with lawyers, only with access to more, and better, resources and with other trappings that bestow social status. But, the present state of affairs and the lack of enthusiasm for academic jobs paint a grim picture of the nature of class disparity within Morocco, which is related to the kind of disparity depicted by Abouzeid. For instance, the custodian says â€Å"My pay is very low. The Children are endlessly in need of things, costs keep rising and no one gives a damn about us† (The Discontented). This utterance clearly captures the sentiments expressed above about the state of the middle classes in Morocco. The labor unions, which have been pivotal in improving the working conditions of the working classes, have traditionally been very active in Moroccan politics. But the recent trend is unfavorable to the labor movement. The adverse trend is manifest in the kinds of youth conferences taking place across Morocco. One can see the difference: â€Å"The beer-bellied salt-of-the-earth types who still pervade the delegations of the old manual unions at labor unions could never be mistaken for the small businessmen and their wives with the conservative sections. One can hear the difference: many labor union delegates may be quaffing Chardonnay not bitter these days, but there is no equivalent of the upper-class baying for G-and-Ts which will echo

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Marketing transportation homework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Marketing transportation homework - Essay Example 2. The two logistic activities that I have settled on include the communication and the transaction processing in companies. The internet has influenced these sectors to a large extent, some being positive while others negative. For instance, communication has been improved and the presence of smart phones has enhanced even attendance in meetings without the presence of an individual. The transactions that exist and occur in businesses has developed to be online. Some issues like theft have come up as many individuals are lured into believing that the sellers are genuine while in real sense are being duped. These issues are quite surprising as one gets to realize that, just like any other solution, the internet has its demerits too. 3. There are many macro level challenges that have come up as a result of technological advancements. For instance, lack of good record keeping due to lack of attending meetings, the opposition to technological development faced by the managers from the employees. The other challenge includes the introduction of more portable devices yet this makes the information more insecure as the level of being prone to theft is much higher and increased. 1. The corporate level strategy is aimed at overseeing the management of the company, the objectives and aims of the business and the type of business in the company. The strategic level plays the role of intermediaries between the business and the managers. They develop strategies and match the needs with the people who will perform the functions to attain the goals of the company. The functional level is where the real work is done. This is the section whereby the logistics and calculations are performed in terms of the objectives of the company. 2. Logistic strategy is not directly connected to the corporate strategy but is influenced through the strategies of the business